A Little Dutch Wrap for our Little Dutch Girl

Doeck Tulipa Forresta, size 4, 100% cotton.


That tag! “Dutch Babywearing. Keep You Close. Keep You Warm. Keep You With Me.”

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I Have No Idea What I’m Doing…

But I love it! And I’m learning so much.

I quit my job three months ago to stay home with my kiddos – Little Monster, almost 3 years old, and Little Miss, 11 months old – and to ‘farm,’ whatever that means. I loved my job as a secretary in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, but when I returned to work when Little Miss was 11 weeks old it completely disrupted her cycle and she started waking an average of six times a night. I wasn’t able to do my job well. All I could think about was the time that I was missing watching them grow. I had bonded with them so deeply during my maternity leave and we had just started to create a routine. We had plans for our land and we could hardly keep up with day to day life let alone expanding our homestead. I felt like I was being called to stay home and farm. Which is crazy talk because I used to think I had to balance a career and family, and I used to poke fun at the county school kids in high school! (“JF has the fastest cross country runners in the region because they’re busy chasing cows all day!” True story.) But I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. Continue reading