A Little Dutch Wrap for our Little Dutch Girl

Doeck Tulipa Forresta, size 4, 100% cotton.


That tag! “Dutch Babywearing. Keep You Close. Keep You Warm. Keep You With Me.”

I got this wrap because it was made in Holland. Our Little Miss is named after my Dutch grandfather’s baby sister, and she got all the Dutch genes! Bleach blond hair, blue eyes, and oh, the temper! My size 4 converted to $65 including shipping (split with a few other mamas in a group order), so the price was right to replace my current workhorse wrap that just was not love and merely got the job done. But for the bargain price, I got a wrap that I do love and means so much more to me. Hubby was concerned on the first day of wearing that I would like it too much to use for its intended purpose – lots of wearing around animals and in the Florida heat – but no worries, it gained a smidge of pig dirt on the tail within the first hour.

The mama coordinating our group sale was kind enough to prep the wrap for me for a small donation to our local BWI chapter, so even though I purchased it new, it did not arrive to me in loom state. She also offered to move the middle marker, but I opted not to, and I’m glad I left it where it was. It falls on the right side of the wrap, about an inch below the rail. With all the hot, nearly naked wearing we do, I’m afraid it would have chafed the back of her neck had it been moved to the inside rail, as has happened with another wrap. I only wish there was a middle marker on both sides of the width, but with a shorter size it’s not a big deal. Another kind mama friend picked it up in town for me and left it in my mailbox on her way to work the next day.

Little Monster carried the wrap in from the mailbox in the morning, and as soon as we came inside with it, she took it out of the bag, proclaimed its softness, and asked for a ride. On the front. The inaugural carry was a kangaroo with my 29lb almost three year old. I usually don’t like kangaroo, but it was quite comfortable for the 15 minutes she was up. It also wrapped surprisingly easily considering I usually have a hard time getting a good seat in kangaroo. Then it was time to feed the pigs, so down she went and up went Little Miss, my 19lb 10 month old, in a ruck tied Tibetan. The first thing I noticed were the tails. Much longer than on my previous workhorse wrap, which was also a 4, hence the pig dirt smudge on the tippy tail.


Little Monster gets the inaugural carry

When we got back to the house after chores Little Miss was not happy that I put her down, so back up she went, this time in a double hammock. Can you believe I eeked out a double hammock tied in front in a 4?? And maybe my best DH to date! My base size is barely a 5, and I usually struggle with a double hammock. Clearly it was time to measure. Before nap I tried out a front double hammock, our ole reliable, and managed to get that tied in the tippy tails too. Once Little Miss was asleep and transferred I pulled out the tape measure: 4.1 meters long, 25 inches wide. This thing is a short 5! And because it’s so narrow, it makes getting those seats up on her front so much easier since there’s less fabric to ‘stuff.’


Little Miss quickly falls asleep

Doeck Tulipa glides easily for quick ups as we run out for our chores. It holds the carry well with just the tiniest bit of stretch to get a snug carry, and Little Miss just settles into her seat more as we go off for our chores. Even after an hour of wearing with lots of heavy lifting, bending, and twisting, there is no sag. She tends to be a leaner and a leg-straightener (lucky me!), but those characteristics haven’t been an issue at all. Babywearing in the Florida summer is HOT, there is no way around it, but this doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a sweater as I walk through the sunny pasture. It is so soft and light against baby’s skin I’ve been opting not to put a shirt on her and just take her out in a diaper and wrap to keep us a tad cooler. The weave is tight enough that, although I’m still careful to watch my step, lean, and pivot, I’m not as terrified of pulls as I usually am while working around barbed wire and metal enclosures. The green is a true, bold, secondary color green. The green you would expect in your basic eight-color pack of crayons. The pattern of Tulipa is a repetition of, you guessed it, Tulips, the national flower of Holland.


This wrap is a keeper. Dirty farm chores feel so much more glamorous in a comfy, pretty wrap, with plenty of options for carries! It is so simple and pretty, and reminds me of my heritage every time I wear it.

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