Mary’s Birth Story

My perspective on Christmas has changed dramatically over the last four years. I have become a mother and it has caused me to see Mary’s story in a whole new light. I have learned that birth doesn’t just ‘happen,’ as is implied in the stories. It is a lot of work! I have read hundreds of birth stories. Each one is unique. Each has its own character and tone for the story. Jesus’ birth is the most famous birth in all of history, and yet we don’t know many of the nitty gritty details. These are the details I think about.

 The distance from Bethlehem to Nazareth is 70 miles, as the crow flies. Mary and Joseph probably traveled more like 80 to 90 miles through hills, forests, and fields. When we have backpacked in the mountains, we have averaged 10 miles a day. Mary was traveling by donkey, and probably some by foot, with a very pregnant belly.  Eighty miles, in her condition, likely took at least a week. These days, pregnant women are cautioned about riding horses or bikes as our bellies grow for fear of falling. We are told not to stray far from home as we near our due date so we can be close to our doctors and midwives. We are told to elevate our feet to ease the swelling. Mary cast all those cares aside and did what was required of her. She made a long journey by donkey and by swollen foot just before her baby was to arrive. Continue reading


Babywearing Allows Me to Love My Family Where They Need Me

Little Miss is 15 months. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, and yet the first weeks after her birth seem like a lifetime ago. We were in such a different place back then. I was enjoying every moment of my maternity leave, trying to savor every second spent with my girls. I wore Little Miss a lot during those 10 weeks. For several hours a day. I would wrap her up and go outside with her on my chest, all the while playing with Little Monster. Little Miss would fall asleep on me and I would keep her close during her whole nap. There were times, of course, when I laid her in her cradle to sleep, but having the freedom to bring her everywhere in the yard, without having to pick up a blanket and toys and everything else that comes with a newborn, was priceless. Little Monster was not restricted in her play time because of a new baby sister, and I didn’t miss out on any time with her either.


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