Beauty from these Ashes: A Journey of Faith

Little Monster found some swallowtail caterpillars on my fennel plant this week. She petted them, transported them, and talked to them. She was excited each day to go to the garden and search for her new friends. But now they have changed into their chrysalis form. In the morning there were three wriggly caterpillars, and by afternoon they had changed. To Monster, it’s like the caterpillars died. She can’t play with them anymore. They don’t crawl around on her fingers. They just stay in their chrysalis, hanging on to the fennel. We know that they are about to become something even more beautiful. They will soon be butterflies fluttering about the garden. But I’m not sure that Little Monster believes it yet. She doesn’t understand how something can change forms so drastically. Continue reading


A Thankful Heart: A Journey of Faith

How can I be thankful for anything when we just lost our baby? What can I possibly be thankful for?

A few weeks before Lent began I had decided to focus on a thankful heart during this season. Each day I would write down three new things I am thankful for. No repeating things from previous days. I did this practice last year and it had such a positive impact on me I wanted to experience it again. Little did I know my faith was about to be tested in a way I couldn’t have imagined. Continue reading

The Changing Garden

My garden survived neglect for three weeks. All I did was water it a few times. My mom covered it during a frost, Hubby helped pull some bok choy that had bolted. But there was no weeding and no real work done on the garden. And it survived! I feel like my black thumb is turning brown. Maybe someday it’ll be green? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. During those three weeks I’ve wanted nothing more than to get out and work on our little farm. To take care of the animals and plant some seeds. I had planted some seeds just before we lost our baby Faith, but those did not make it. They were not high on my list of priorities for others to care for.

IMG_1980 (2)

Turning the Winter Garden into a Spring Garden

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