The Changing Garden

My garden survived neglect for three weeks. All I did was water it a few times. My mom covered it during a frost, Hubby helped pull some bok choy that had bolted. But there was no weeding and no real work done on the garden. And it survived! I feel like my black thumb is turning brown. Maybe someday it’ll be green? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. During those three weeks I’ve wanted nothing more than to get out and work on our little farm. To take care of the animals and plant some seeds. I had planted some seeds just before we lost our baby Faith, but those did not make it. They were not high on my list of priorities for others to care for.

IMG_1980 (2)

Turning the Winter Garden into a Spring Garden

When I started to feel my strength coming back, I looked through my seed box, ordered some new seeds, and started to plan our spring garden, aka first summer garden. I got some transplants from the local store so in the ground are creeping thyme and watercress. I planted some seeds directly in the ground: the last of the carrot seeds, a few Bull’s Blood beets, Ireland Creek Annie beans, and lettuce-leaf basil.

My seed order has come in, which includes tomatoes, peppers, beans, marjoram, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I’ve planted many of these in the small black planting containers and am waiting for them to sprout. I feel like I’m falling behind in my garden, but I’m going as quickly as I can. My only goal on the farm this week has been to plant, plant, plant.

We also planted a couple of trees. We have had a two foot tall fig tree for a year, so we finally put that in the ground. A neighbor gifted us a peach tree in memory of baby Faith, so we planted that as well. Within days there were tiny pink flowers.


I love to see the seasonal changes on our land and in the garden. Most people say that Florida doesn’t have seasons, but if you look carefully you can see the subtle changes through the seasons. Now it is springtime, our days are beautiful and sunny, the perfect temperature with a nice breeze. We play outside morning and afternoon for as long as possible. Soon it will be too hot to play outside in the afternoon. Gardening will be a task reserved for early morning.

It feels good to get back to work, and to have hope for new life again this spring.


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