Garden Therapy: A Journey of Faith

Cheaper than Therapy

There is something therapeutic about tending a garden. Getting on your knees for weeding. Watching new plants sprout before your eyes. Removing old plants to make room for new ones. Testing your body’s strength with hard work. Eating veggies from the garden that you tended, labored over, waited for patiently. Yes, the garden is a good place to be. Over the last two months we have transformed my garden space. We had two raised beds, and black solar pool panels spread between them to kill the grass. Continue reading


Why Rabbits?

When we first moved to our land we wanted to start with small livestock. We both worked full time in town and had a toddler, so we needed an easy animal to care for. Most people would start with chickens. But Little Monster was allergic to eggs, so it didn’t make sense to get an animal that the whole family couldn’t enjoy. So we went with the next easiest animal – rabbits. We would only have to feed and water them once a day, and there isn’t really a whole lot of maintenance to do for them. Continue reading

The Ugly Side of Grief: A Journey of Faith

While I have been reassured of my faith throughout my grieving process, I still have to deal with the ugly side of grief. Anger, frustration, despair, guilt, failure. At the risk of being extremely vulnerable, I feel the need to share this ugly side in addition to the side of peace and thankfulness that I have already posted. This process hasn’t been all roses. Here are some ramblings that I have jotted down over the last several weeks: Continue reading