Venison à la Boeuf Bourguignon

As I was digging through the chest freezer looking for some ham the other night, I found a venison roast from back in September. I didn't realize we had anymore! I wanted to put it to good use, but how would it be best enjoyed? My parents visited over the weekend, and my mom left half a bottle of … Continue reading Venison à la Boeuf Bourguignon

How I’m NOT Potty Training My 20-month old

Right now she’s sitting on her little potty chair pooping. She took her underwear off and took herself to the potty after breakfast while I was on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise to walk in on! I can’t keep diapers on this kid. Cloth diapers with snaps are supposed to be virtually toddler-proof, … Continue reading How I’m NOT Potty Training My 20-month old