Venison à la Boeuf Bourguignon

As I was digging through the chest freezer looking for some ham the other night, I found a venison roast from back in September. I didn’t realize we had anymore! I wanted to put it to good use, but how would it be best enjoyed?

My parents visited over the weekend, and my mom left half a bottle of red wine behind. I couldn’t drink it, but I couldn’t let a good red go to waste. My mind immediately went to the venison. And boeuf bourguignon. Continue reading


A Pastorale, Defined

pas·to·rale /ˌpastəˈräl/ noun

1. a slow instrumental composition in compound time, usually with drone notes in the bass.
2. a simple musical play with a rural subject.

(Oxford Dictionary)

Last summer as I began my journey as a stay at home mom and working this wanna-be homestead, I was trying to come up with a name for our farm. No, we’re not in this farming thing for profit, but still, every good endeavor needs a name. I went through countless ideas, but none seemed to fit just right. Continue reading

Faith’s Playlist: A Journey of Faith

I’m a music person. My life has a soundtrack. Each chapter of my life sounds a little different. Music is an expression of the soul. There were times when I longed for an English horn, to let out that mournful melody of my grief. But the oboe worked well enough with Nielsen’s Romance of his Two Fantasy Pieces. Most of the time though, I let others create the music. This is Faith’s soundtrack.


Motion of Mercy – Francesca Battistelli: This was first on my iPod labor playlist for Little Monster. I took my Kindle with me for Faith’s delivery and would rely on my Pandora stations for labor music this time. When it was time for the actual delivery, Hubby asked if I wanted to change the station (he truly is amazing, always knowing exactly what I need at just the right moment). I switched to my Francesca Battistelli inspired station, and as fate would have it, this was the first song that played as I was ready to push. The same one that started the pushing phase with Faith’s biggest sister. It helped ready my mind and body for the task ahead. “God give me strength to give something for nothing. I want to be a glimpse of the kingdom that’s coming soon. That’s the motion of mercy, changing the way and the what we are. That’s the motion of mercy, moving my heart.” Continue reading