How Extension is Saving Me this Month

Every so often I struggle with what I should be planting. Gardening in Florida presents a unique problem, because the majority of gardening literature is targeting to all of the US, except Florida. Additionally, the state is so long, that what works in the panhandle will most assuredly not work in the Keys. Looking at seed packets that tell me when I should plant is basically useless.

Enter Extension. The department of the University of Florida that is dedicated to educating and serving the public. There are 67 Extension offices in Florida – one for each county. I had no idea such a thing existed until I worked in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at UF. My eyes were opened to a wealth of information and resources, most of them at my fingertips.

The main website is One of my favorite things on their website is the ‘Plant This Month’ infographic. It helps me at times like this when I’m itching to plant something, but don’t know what would work well. And then I look it up and this is what I see:


My sweet potatoes are already in and thriving, so basically there’s nothing left to do but maintain what I have and wait for more rain and cooler (ha) weather to start planting again. Thank you, Extension, for saving me from the heat and disappointment.

That said, gardening rules are made to be broken, right? 😉

Each state has a land-grant university that has an extension office. Check yours and see what kind of local help you can get for your budding homestead!

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