It’s a…..

I’ve mentioned before how this pregnancy is a totally different experience than what I’ve had before. One thing that sets this one apart from the others is that for the first time we’re not Team Green. That’s right. We can now say

It’s a….



Artwork by Little Monster and Little Miss

Our first boy. Just another difference. It’s odd knowing already that we’re having a boy. It hasn’t quite set in.

As much as we love the surprise at birth, we decided it would be silly to try and hide it at all the extra ultrasounds I’ll be getting to monitor baby’s growth.

The girls helped me pick out some clothes for him while at the store yesterday. Little Monster, especially, is excited to have a baby brother.


We know it’s a boy, but we still have no idea who this baby Skywalker is going to be. Is he going to be an easy baby or extra fussy? Is he going to be full speed ahead like his sisters or more laid back? Is he going to be another brunette, another blond, or our first red head? Only time will tell!


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