Over a year ago we decided we would get goats. Nubians (I love their long ears, and the high butterfat content), to be bred for milk. I’ve always loved goats, or the idea of goats, I don’t really know much about keeping them, but Hubby has always been against the idea because of the bad rap they get. Little Miss had a milk allergy, and then we discovered that goat’s milk didn’t bother her like cow’s milk. So because of her, Hubby agreed that we could get goats. Continue reading


Living in the World of Ma’ams and Sirs

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I consider myself a fairly polite person. I say please and thank you as often as I can. I say hello as I enter establishments. I wish people a good day. I try not to interrupt but listen carefully to what others have to say (although, admittedly, when I’m nervous or excited I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut). I enjoy talking with our neighbors, getting to know them. Most days, I try to share a smile with all I meet. But I can’t force myself to say ‘Yes, ma’am’ or ‘No, sir’ in every response. Continue reading

Protein S

Six months. Twenty six weeks. Half a year since we said goodbye to baby Faith. I have dealt with so many emotions in that time. Not having a reason of death was maybe the hardest thing for me to accept. And so I blamed myself. I dealt with the guilt. I forgave myself. I vowed to do better next time. Continue reading