One Week Old


We got our goats! I’m so in love, it’s ridiculous. Continue reading


The Super Fast Car Birth of Little Miss


Today is Little Miss’ second birthday! She wanted to hear her birthday song just as the clock struck midnight. So we obliged, through lots of tears. Then she wanted to be sure we remembered the moment of her birth, so she woke again at 3:15, about the time we left our house two years ago to race to the hospital. As I waited for her to fall asleep again I saw the clock read 3:44, the time of birth. Little Monster didn’t want to miss out on the remembrance so she woke up about then too. It’s only fair, she was in the car for the birth and could be considered a labor coach as she helped me moo like a cow through contractions. Everyone is tired today after an eventful night. We don’t exactly have the adrenaline pumping that we did two years ago…. Continue reading

Too Young to Understand?

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my friend suffered another loss. Her fourth miscarriage. It upset me. It angered me. I mourned for my friend.

Little Monster had been playing in the living room, but she came in and saw me upset when I learned the news. She went back to playing. A little later she came back to check on me. She noticed my tears had stopped, asked if I was feeling better, and offered to help with dinner prep. Continue reading

Remembering Little Monster’s Birth


(I started this yesterday, and then we lost power before finishing.)

Today I have a four year old. How did that happen so quickly? When I think back on her birth I still remember so many details with perfect clarity. Over the past four years she has filled our lives with joy. She has challenged us. Made me question my sanity and parenting skills on so many occasions. And she has shown me that she is a good person, compassionate, caring, empathetic, full of life. I’m so proud of the person she is becoming. I’m so thankful that God gave her to us to nurture her, watch her grow, and learn from her. Continue reading