What a Weekend!

On Friday we got two ducks from our neighbor. Cheese and Crackers are adjusting well and seem happy in their new home. I enjoy having an extra egg every day. The girls enjoy the hunt for the egg.


Archery season opened up yesterday. Hubby got to hunt last year and got a deer on opening day, but I never got the chance to sit, so it was my turn. I didn’t bring home dinner, but I still call it a success. I got to sit out in the quiet and watch the morning rise over our swamp.


Hubby went fishing with a friend in our local lake in the evening. They didn’t bring home dinner either, but enjoyed the time out there.

Thirty minutes after we got the ducks settled in on Friday I got the call that our baby goats were born! We spent the weekend doing last minute prep on the goat pen – almost done painting the barn now and a temporary fence up. Today we picked up our two-day-old babies. They are adorable! I’m running a blank on names though. Any suggestions?


20160918_164730 (2).jpg

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