One Week Old


We got our goats! I’m so in love, it’s ridiculous. Our breeder friend had advised we get babies instead of full grown does like we had originally planned. There are so many benefits to getting them as babies: we can raise them and train them as we wish, kind of like getting a puppy versus an older dog; we were able to get better quality for a lower price; and we get to admire the cuteness of baby goats! The downside, it will be about two years until we have milk and cheese, but we’re thinking in long term goals now instead of immediate gratification.


Kids, kids, and ducks

We got our goat last Sunday at two days old. Today they are a week old! These twin girls have two distinct personalities: one is all lovey-dovey, more cautious, loves to be pet, will come and sit at my feet or in my lap; the other is more mischievous, loves to jump up on the milk stand, nibbles on everything (a habit we’re trying to break!), and enjoys venturing off to explore the pen. I have named one of them (the lovey-dovey type) Felicity. I’m still searching for just the right name for the other (suggestions anyone?)



At four days old, our mischievous goat learned how to jump onto the milk stand. Felicity still has not figured it out yet. At five days old they both started nibbling on grass. I’m not sure that they are actually ingesting any of it, but they are nibbling nonetheless.


After an hour of play the girls were tired and curled up at my feet for rest

Because we have so many birds of prey, they spend much of their time in the barn. They get so excited to see us when we let them out for each feeding. I let them play as long as I can stay out there once they’ve finished their bottles. They had been crying when I put them back inside the barn, but after several days that has mostly stopped. The barn is now their place of rest, and they know I’ll always be back with more milk and for more play time.



I’m excited to watch these babies grow. I’m glad that my girls will grow up with animals to help take care of. I’m excited about all there is to learn. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m enjoying every bit of it!



Feeding time


Gentle hands



2 thoughts on “One Week Old

  1. How exciting! I know it seems obvious, but I don’t think I would have considered getting them as babies. The idea of being able to somewhat train them makes a lot of sense. Did you come up with a name for the second? Felicity makes me think of the American Girl dolls and books… Cute baby bump!


    • I hadn’t considered getting them as babies either until just a month before we got them! Our breeder friend helped us make the decision, and once we did, we realize that it really was the right choice. Our other girl is Matilda, and she has now turned into the cuddly one, always willing to climb in my lap for some snuggles.
      I really need to post an update soon. They are over a month old now and growing fast! The update will have to come on a day when my body is tired of doing chores (like everyday!), but I don’t feel like I’m about to fall asleep as soon as I sit down (also everyday lately!).

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