Frost-Proof Garden

Have I mentioned how amazing the Hubby is? He spent his four-day Thanksgiving break completing my projects around the homestead that I haven’t been able to get done. Including winterizing the garden.

We used to laugh when we first moved down here every time we heard on the weather report to cover those tender plants. Coming from Virginia, it seemed silly to make such a fuss over a few hours of freezing temps. But now, we are Floridians and we will rush out to cover all the plants and save them through the winter.

So Hubby fashioned an easy way to cover all our raised beds when frost strikes with just a few simple tools. For each 4’x10′ raised garden bed, he used the following:

5 x 3/4″ electrical PVC pipe, 10′ long
10 pieces of 2″ PVC pipe, cut to about 6″ (dependent on how high your raised beds are)
20 x 2″ EMT clamps
40 wood screws with washers1 Planket frost cloth, 10′ x 20′ rectangle


Attach the 2″ PVC at regular intervals along the long sides of the garden bed using clamps and wood screws.


Once all short PVC pieces are secured, simply place the long pipes into the PVC from one side of the bed to the other. With a few uses, it will get easier to bend them into place.


(Pictured, Lowe’s ran out of electrical PVC, so we have a few missing here)

Lay the frost cloth over the bed. They make stakes to keep the Planket in place, but we simply weigh down the edges with things we find around the garden.

We keep the hoops up during the winter for a quick cover, then store them during the rest of the year for easier access to the beds. A simple solution to protect those tender plants in a frost!

4 thoughts on “Frost-Proof Garden

  1. I like it! Some day I might do that to extend our growing season, but since we cannot garden year round , right now it doesn’t do too much for us. How are you doing? That little baby boy must be here by now! I hope you are both doing well!

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    • You could probably do it with a different kind of cloth to make it almost like a greenhouse. I have no idea though. 🙂 Last week we covered the garden, today it’s in the low 80s.
      Baby is here! He is amazing. He’s such an easy baby. I just posted his birth story. Everything was better than I could have imagined. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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      • That’s a good idea. The low 80s, that’s funny. It’s 10F here and with the windchill it feels like -9F 🙂 Now I’m starting to think about what kind of mini indoor garden I can have, and next month, I’m hoping to maybe set up a little “greenhouse” in the basement.
        Congratulations! I’ll have to read that later when I get a few minutes. I am so happy to hear that!


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