The Beauty of Friendship

My perspective on friendship has been completely overturned lately. It all started over a year ago….

We were studying the book of Proverbs and that week’s lesson was on friendship. I can’t remember what the specific question was, but I confessed that I really wasn’t a good friend. I just didn’t have time for real friends. I was the kind of person who had to plan time to visit. But even then something might come up. If I or a friend was having a bad day we might message back and forth on Facebook or by text, but we didn’t stop what we were doing to really dive into it and support each other. I had lots of surface friends. Lots of online friends, many of whom I really did know in person, but whose relationship primarily took place online.

Fast forward a couple months and my community showed up in a big way in the wake of Faith’s death. The meals provided were greatly appreciated. The help around the house was priceless. But the visits and the willingness to accept me for who I was on any given day was the most precious gift. I have held on to that this past year.

Now I find myself with several friendships that could only be orchestrated by God. These people that have been placed in my life at just the right time so that we can be a blessing to one another. Ones that have enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Where I can call up a friend and stop by for a quick visit – or just stop by unannounced. Ones where texting just doesn’t do it so we call to talk. Ones where we can celebrate in our mom triumphs, talk through the hard stuff, and literally cry on each other’s shoulder when we are just exhausted -mentally, physically, spiritually. These friendships in which we can openly talk about God, how he is molding us, where he is calling us, and how we are learning to respond to Him. Nothing is off limits. It is real, honest friendship with no judgement, only love.

I can’t even imagine being that selfish ‘friend’ that I used to be. I don’t hesitate to make time for my friends anymore. Sure, my to do list is a mile long, but it always will be. A morning coffee with a friend will always lead to a better day for us both. That next project can be done later.

I didn’t know these live and in person friendships could still exist in this fast-paced, technologically-driven world that we live in. That they could be so much deeper than those hiding behind a screen.All it takes is a little time to cultivate these friendships and the willingness to be there when it matters.


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