Social Media

I oftentimes don’t have time for a great post about what’s happening in my life, but I do have time for a quick photo and share! You can find me on Instagram @sandhillcranelove where I share pictures mostly of the homestead and my kids (both human and caprine).

This week I decided it was high time I took a break from Facebook. I’ve been talking about the need for it for months, but kept holding onto that leash because of the groups I’m in. But I finally decided it was time. So I updated my status with alternate contact methods and deleted the apps from my devices. I feel so free! And I’ve been so much more productive.

Which means I should have more posts coming soon since I won’t be as distracted by notifications. I’m getting through some unrelated research now and then I can focus on the blog more. I want to tell you about making bacon, tools of the trade, the automatic rain barrel waterer, writing a children’s book, and more! Check out @sandhillcranelove on Instagram for preview pics. 😉


One thought on “Social Media

  1. Sounds exciting! You are right, it can be so easy to get draw in by all of those distractions! Good for you 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about it!

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