A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what the life of a homesteading mama looks like? What does she do all day? How does she find time for it all?

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Goat Herding

We’ve been having fun with the goats lately! Inspired by the book Goat Song, in which Brad Kessler takes his herd on walks through the woods, I decided to take my girls on a walk through the pasture.


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Makin’ Bacon

We have harvested a few pigs now, so I feel like we’re kind of getting the hang of the process. My favorite part, aside from eating never-frozen ribs the night of harvest, is making the bacon. It is a long process. There are a lot of steps involved. But the end result is so rewarding. I don’t even really like bacon from the store. If we’re at a restaurant I will always pick breakfast sausage over bacon. I don’t like cooking store-bought bacon. I always end up getting burned from the grase splatters. But homemade bacon is a whole different food. Sweet, salty, deliciousness. Continue reading

Children’s Book Writing

My mom and I wrote a children’s book last year. The story is based on our personal experience with stillbirth. It tells the news of the loss in terms my then-three-year-old could understand. Our story explains that although it is a sad moment in time, we can still enjoy the life we’ve been given and be witnesses for God’s love in all circumstances. It is a very personal story. But there are so many others who are going through the same situation and I pray our story can help others find hope. Continue reading