A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what the life of a homesteading mama looks like? What does she do all day? How does she find time for it all?


Yesterday I wrote out my day to share with you. I used to try to document my days for the Hubby when he would ask what I did all day, but documenting every diaper change, argument dispelled, and song sang is actually a challenge! Life hasn’t slowed down. But as busy as yesterday was, and as tired as I was, it was one of those rare calm and relaxing days. It was a day with no outside obligations – no school, appointments, etc. – so we could just focus on us. And I accomplished everything on my to do list! Here’s how it happened…

5:45 – Feed Baby Skywalker in bed. Hubby feeds pigs and leaves for work.
6:15 – Shower!! A morning shower is a rare luxury.
6:30 – Turn off the alarm. Let dogs out. Take grain to goats and let them out of the barn.
6:45 – Fold clothes from last night’s laundry. Start load of baby blankets – so much spit up! Cook oatmeal for breakfast. Make coffee. Bible study.
7:15 – Girls wake up. Help with potty routine. Eat breakfast. Baby Skywalker wakes. Change a diaper. Finish my breakfast. Blankets to the dryer, coloreds in the wash. Sweep the kitchen.
7:35 – Move to the couch. Feed Skywalker. Read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Help Little Monster and Little Miss with a puzzle. Drink some coffee.
8:00 – Put away clothes I folded an hour ago. Load up trash and recycling in car. Dress Little Miss and Skywalker. Little Monster spent this time loading toys and books and blankets for everyone in a big bag.
8:30 – Buckle up and go to the dump.
9:00 – Back home, look up pepper planting in The Gardener’s A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food by Tanya Denckla Cobb.
9:10 – Fold and put away blankets and switch laundry. Start whites.
9:20 – Finish coffee. Put in contacts. Set up blanket and pillow outside under an umbrella for Skywalker.
9:25 – Outside! Weed carrots. Tell the girls to get off Skywalker. Transplant peppers. Ask Little Monster to stop carrying Skywalker around the garden for a tour.

10:15 – Feed Skywalker. Watch a hawk, sandhill cranes, cows grazing, goats chewing cud, girls playing. Enjoy the garden view.
10:25 – Lay Skywalker down in his crib. Grab baby monitor. Plant banana pepper seeds. Weed and thin carrots.
11:00 – Back inside. Eat snack. Drink water. Fold and put away coloreds. Whites to the dryer.
11:30 – Load wraps in laundry – washing machine starts flashing at me! Walk away. I’ll deal with it later. Start water for rice.  Purge bookshelf. Nearly burn rice pan. Try again. Clean off end table. Books fit on bookshelf again!
12:15 – Plate lunch. Skywalker wakes. Feed Skywalker. Respond to email. Look up recipe for Wild Plum Preserves in Cross Creek Kitchens. Our hog plums should be ripening soon and I’m determined to do something with them this year!
12:30 – Eat lunch. Then clear dishes. Let dogs in to clean up the floor. Start wrap laundry. (Washing machine miraculously starts working again.) Change a diaper. Read aloud the first two chapters of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. Little Monster is captivated!
1:30 – Play a game with the girls. Skywalker plays contentedly on a floor blanket nearby and learns how to turn himself around in a circle.
1:40 – Candle chicken eggs – 12 have embryos.
1:45 – Help Little Miss gather books by the potty. Change poopy diaper (Skywalker). Then clean poopy butt (Little Miss). Distribute reward candy.
2:00 – Switch laundry. Make more coffee.
2:15 – Feed Skywalker. Read Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul by Angela Thomas. Drink coffee. Put Skywalker down in his crib.
2:45 – Hang up wraps to finish air drying. Help girls with swim suits.
2:50 – Outside! Sprinkle garden. Fill wading pool.
3:00 – Hunt for new spray paint can.
3:10 – Paint wood for a long overdue, unfinished Christmas project. Not as good as I had hoped. I’ll have to cut another piece of wood and try again.
3:30 – Gather snacks and serve outside. Feed rabbits. Visit goats for a quiet five minutes.

3:45 – Clean up snacks. Hook trailer to lawnmower. Find an Easter egg from LAST YEAR! (Luckily, a plastic one with stickers inside.)
4:00 – Load plants and pig slop into trailer. Move a sleeping Skywalker into a front carry. Put dogs inside. Head out to feed pigs. Visit neighbor. Skywalker slept through a lawnmower ride, but wakes up to the sound of others’ voices. Exchange seedlings for veggies and herbs. Get the garden tour.
5:15 – Back home. Unload ‘groceries.’ Enlist child help for minor tidying of living room and kids’ room. Kneel down to talk to Little Monster about shower safety (reminder: no dancing, jumping, picking up Little Miss). Put girls in the shower. Do dishes. Do a quick hair wash. Cook dinner. Dole out soap for girls. Finish dinner. Get girls out of shower. Feed Skywalker. Read more of Tender Mercy.
6:30 – Hubby gets home. Plate dinner. Pop brussel sprouts off stems. Finish dishes.
6:45 – Dinner.
7:15 – Storytime.
7:45 – Wear Skywalker to carry hay and lock goats in the barn. Back inside to help with splinters and cuts and bandaids.

8:00 – Diaper change for Skywalker and into pajamas. Bedtime nursing. Read Grace-Based Parenting by Karis Kimmel Murray. Try not to laugh out loud as Skywalker drifts off to sleep. Hubby wonders how a parenting book can be so funny.
8:45 – Skywalker to his crib. Clear laundry hamper, books, and everything else off our bed. Set up baby monitor.
9:00 – Shower – two showers in one day?! I’m usually lucky just to get one shower a day! Then straight to bed and sleep.

Welcome to my crazy life. On a not so crazy day. These are the days that I love.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Sounds like and awesome and productive day! I had a pretty good one myself today…probably helps I was sick all day yesterday and needed to get some stuff done! Baby Skywalker is looking so cute…love the fuzzy hair. Pretty sure he has more than E, and he’s going to be one in 10 days!


    • Skywalker has more hair than my girls did at this age too! Both of their first haircuts fell around their second birthdays, but he might be getting his before he’s one. I’m so looming forward to another Tuesday tomorrow, when I have no reason to leave the homestead all day. I’ve become such a homebody!

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