Washcloths for the Littles

This year is going to be a purely home made Christmas. I was already leaning this direction, and then it became a necessity. A fellow blogger had been talking about the Handmade Christmas Gift Bootcamp, so I joined in on a special Black Friday sale and got excited about all the projects. I’ll be doing several gifts from the bootcamp as well as many Hubby and I have thought up on our own. Gift giving is going to be so much more fun this year as I see gifts opened that I worked hard on specifically for that person, rather than just finding something on a shelf that the receiver may quickly forget about.

I’ve gotten a good start on my projects already with 7 out of 24 complete (if I can stop adding to my list!). I started with the easy stuff to boost my morale. It’s so encouraging to see so many things on my list crossed off before I get to the more time consuming projects.


The latest project I completed was sets of kid washcloths. Each child will have their own color set. Growing up we had glove-style washcloths. I remember them being so much easier to handle and wash my own body than dealing with a flat square of fabric. I thought it would be an easy stocking stuffer for the kids.

– 8″ of terry cloth fabric
– coordinating thread
– ribbon or thin rope (optional)
– sewing machine
– scissors
– tape measure

That’s it! The lady at JoAnn’s cut each color to 8″. Each set of three wash cloths cost me less than $2.


First I hemmed the bottom edge the entire length of terry cloth. I prefer to do it before cutting the individual wash cloth pieces so I don’t have to start and stop so much.


Then I cut it into three 12-inch wide pieces. There was a little leftover fabric from the 45″ wide fabric.


Next, fold them in half, with the wrong side of the hem facing out. (Note: When I was planning this project a couple days ago, I planned to add a small rope/ribbon loop to be able to hang them in the bath tub. By the time I was halfway done with them I realized I forgot. That’s what happens with kids interrupting my thought process! If you’re going to add the loop, now is the time to place it about an inch above the hemmed edge, facing inside the right side.)

I first did a straight stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance, and then went around again with a zig zag stitch. This is my way of serging the edges to reinforce the seam without having a serger.

Turn it right side out and you’re done!!



2 thoughts on “Washcloths for the Littles

  1. What a cute idea! I was just looking at all of our ratty kids towels… the ones I was planning to start using for cleaning up after the puppy, thinking “I should get them some new towels. Maybe for Christmas…” If I remember, I might be able to do both these and new towels for the kiddos!


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