April Updates

20190225_082911.jpgIt is spring! As I watched the kiddos climbing in the crepe myrtle today, I noticed it was filling in with leaves again. The azaleas have had their glory. The hog plums are producing fruit. We have had a few hummingbird sightings in the garden. The grass is green, which is making the cows fat and happy. The goats have been enjoying more and more time on pasture too. The chickens’ egg production has increased, although they keep hiding their eggs from us. We were surprised by 20 baby chicks a few weeks ago, and now there may be three clutches of eggs in collection and/or incubation stage. Chick season is real! For the most part, we just try to let them do their thing.


March was a busy time for us on the farm. We harvested and processed two pigs. It was a lot of work, but so rewarding to share some of our farm goodness with friends of the family. I had a limited supply of bacon for sale, and it sold out before I even got to advertise it. It is strange as I adjust my routine: I find myself headed toward the pig pens, and then realize no one is over there to feed.

20190316_180207I sold a goat last weekend. Curry was supposed to have an ultimate job, but our limited time won out and we sold him instead. He was a very friendly goat. He lived in the middle of the herd. He always came for head rubs, and if he didn’t get the attention he was seeking he would nibble my clothes. Curry is going to live and very happy life on 15 acres near the Forest, but he will also be missed here.
IMG_20190226_114544_269If you missed my posts on social, Rebel, who came to us in January, is a Nubian-Boer cross. She was the shiest one in her herd, and got picked on mercilessly by her herdmates. It took some time, the building, and re-building, of some chutes, a two-person milking technique, but eventually, she warmed up to us. I renamed her Rebel Heart, inspired by the Lauren Daigle song. “Father, I no longer want to run / You’ve broken my resistence with Your love / Drowned it underneath the crimson spill / So bend this rebel heart unto Your Will”

The Hubby finished his season of clearing vines in the back. He worked long hours cutting vines, pulling vines, untangling vines, all in an effort to save some trees from choking to death, and to make our back acre more accessible. I wish I had before and after pictures. The work he has done is amazing. Now it is warming up, the mosquitoes have moved in, snake season is back, and he won’t be spending as much time at the edge of the swamp, but we are looking forward to the time we’ll spend there next winter!

20190402_122402I consistently have fresh goat cheese now. Sales have been increasing and I’ve been making two batches a week. It feels so good to sell out. Thank you for supporting our family’s farm! I also started experimenting with a carrot bread, using my surplus of garden carrots. I’m excited to introduce a new value-added item to my listing this week! I’ll be bringing elderberry syrup back too. I have pretty new amber bottles, and a new reliable source of local honey. All that’s missing are the elderberries! I’ll be able to pick some up later this week though. Follow me on Facebook to stay informed on what’s available!

Weekly pick up times and product availability are posted on the farm’s Facebook page at the beginning of every week. The page is public, so you don’t have to have a Facebook account to view it. The standard schedule is:

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays on the farm.
Tuesday park stops at two locations.
Thursday evenings on the north side of town.

There is flexibility in the schedule for our ever-on-the-go schedule, errands, and appointments, and it is always subject to change due to life circumstances. However, it is nice to have some consistency in the schedule.

Now available:
Goat cheese $5. White, Carrot, or Banana Bread $3 or 2/$5 (made-to-order). Free range eggs $3 per dozen. Carrots $2/bunch. Dried mullein leaf $3 per 1/2 oz.

Looking ahead, I’m planting zucchini soon and hope to offer zucchini bread this summer. I will also be doing a bunch of seed starts soon and will offer those for sale once they have good roots. Those baby chicks are growing like weeds and the girls will start to produce an abundance of eggs this fall – the boys will provide a different source of protein!

As we work this farm, we continue to learn, to grow, to love. Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time of hope renewed. A time to start fresh.

Happy Spring!



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