A New Focus Amidst Growth


I have a confession to make: Growing my farm business isn’t my highest priority right now. I know, I know. Not what you would expect to read in a farm newsletter from someone who has so many lofty goals for her business. Rest assured, those goals have not gone away! BUT, “If you don’t have the health to support the vision, your chances of getting there are so much harder.” Rachel Hollis, Rise podcast #92. And so, I’m reigning it in. I am putting all of my energy towards my health.

What health looks like for me: I have more energy. I rest as hard as I work. I have a water habit. Food nourishes my body and soul. I move my body everyday. I have a sustainable daily schedule. My faith deepens daily. I deal with life’s stresses on the offense. I build family habits and relationships. We support one another in my community. In short, health is physical, mental, relational, and spiritual. I can’t have one without the other.

20190501_112653[1].jpgWhile this has been my focus, and will continue to be for the forseeable future, the farm business is coasting. I’m making two batches of cheese a week to keep up with orders. Which means, I look like this for two hours twice a week! My Mother’s Day gift to myself will be a pasteurization machine so I don’t have to babysit my milk for two hours at a time! I’m about halfway to funding it, but if you would like to support me in this acquisition I am happy to make cheese, bread, and egg deliveries! Contact me for a time that works best for you at pastoralefarm at gmail.com. I also will not turn down donations through Paypal at the same address. 😉

20190428_201624[1].jpgRemember my last post when I talked about the beautiful green pastures and how it was making my cows fat and happy? Well, something else was making Ruth fat and happy too! Sunday night I discovered a baby calf in our pasture! The fact that we missed all the signs just proves our lack of knowledge in cattle farming. Looking back it should have been so obvious! Mom and baby girl are doing fantastic. She is a typical newborn who basically just sleeps and nurses all day long.

We also have a new set of chicks! We stuck some eggs in the incubator and just let them do their thing. Some of them actually hatched! We have five brand new chicks at this point.

garden walk.jpg

Photo Credit: Leslie Chase Photography

I have been working in the garden a whole awful lot. I still have three 10’x4′ beds to plant, but I weeded my big bed and planted it with corn, sunflowers, zucchini, and peanuts. I’ve been harvesting and preserving a lot, including drying herbs. I’ve also been starting a lot of seeds. I plan to sell these at our upcoming Fresh Pick!

My neighbor and I have partnered to bring her dream to life! On May 24 we’ll be hosting a Fresh Pick at her farm where people can come and pick their vegetables straight from the garden. She will also have her all-natural chicken available for sale. I’ll be selling goat cheese and milk, various breads, herbs, and seed starts. And more! We are super excited about the opportunity and hope for this to become a regularly scheduled event. We’ll keep you posted!

What are you working on at your homestead? What is your number one focus this season? Has life offered you any unexpected surprises?

Thanks for supporting our family’s farm. Make it a fantastic day!

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