The Dairy Goat Handbook: A Book Review

Dairy Goat Handbook

The Dairy Goat Handbook: For Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm
by Ann Starbard
192 pages
Voyageur Press Continue reading


Secrets of a Successful Homeschool Mom: A Book Review

secrets homeschool image

Secrets of a Successful Homeschool Mom: A Manifesto of Freedom and Joy in Home Learning
Jamie C. Martin
41 pages
Published 2012

This was a super quick ebook full of helpful hints for the homeschooling family, or, like me, someone considering the homeschool option. Amazon states that most people take 30 minutes to read it. I took three days because, well, distractions, and also, I wanted to absorb the information. Continue reading

Winter Garden: A Book Review

Winter Garden

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
Published 2011
448 Pages

This is my third book by Kristin Hannah in a month. Once again, this book is about strained relationships and the unlikely way that they are restored. Hannah shows how a mother’s silence about her own history can cause a lifetime of misunderstandings and broken relationships, and how the truth can reclaim love.  Continue reading


The Nightingale: A Book Review


The Nightingale
Kristin Hannah
449 pages
2015 Continue reading