Slowly Moving into the New Year

We're a week into January and I'm finally starting to look to the new year and make some goals. This is pretty typical for me though. I have a January birthday, so I always give myself a little extra time to 'debrief' from the previous year before moving into the new one. Especially this year … Continue reading Slowly Moving into the New Year


Frost-Proof Garden

Have I mentioned how amazing the Hubby is? He spent his four-day Thanksgiving break completing my projects around the homestead that I haven't been able to get done. Including winterizing the garden. We used to laugh when we first moved down here every time we heard on the weather report to cover those tender plants. … Continue reading Frost-Proof Garden

One Week Old

We got our goats! I'm so in love, it's ridiculous. Our breeder friend had advised we get babies instead of full grown does like we had originally planned. There are so many benefits to getting them as babies: we can raise them and train them as we wish, kind of like getting a puppy versus … Continue reading One Week Old