Reminders of Faith

I didn't want Little Man's pregnancy and life to forever be in Faith's shadow, but she shaped who we are today. Little Man wouldn't be here if not for Faith's tiny life. This is beauty from the ashes. There are times when I look down at him while nursing that I realize I never got … Continue reading Reminders of Faith


Too Young to Understand?

I mentioned in yesterday's post that my friend suffered another loss. Her fourth miscarriage. It upset me. It angered me. I mourned for my friend. Little Monster had been playing in the living room, but she came in and saw me upset when I learned the news. She went back to playing. A little later … Continue reading Too Young to Understand?

The Meaning of Christmas Through the Eyes of my Toddler

I feel like this is Little Monster’s first Christmas. She turned three in September, but this is the first year that she is anticipating Christmas with wonder and excitement. And isn’t that the whole idea of Christmas? The day after Thanksgiving the Christmas music started in our house. I always eagerly anticipate the day, and … Continue reading The Meaning of Christmas Through the Eyes of my Toddler