We are committed to providing the highest quality farm fresh products to our community. Our offerings are seasonal. We are a busy family-operated farm with three Littles. Please email for availability and to place special orders.

A sampling of our products and prices are as follows:

Goat cheese (chèvre) – $5 (4oz)
White bread – $3 or $5/2 (1lb loaves)
Banana bread – $3 or $5/2 (1lb loaves)
Eggs – $3 per dozen
Bacon – $6
Ground pork – $4 (1lb packs)
Elderberry syrup – $15 (20oz) New, larger quantity! $2 discount with returned bottles.
Seed Starts – Prices vary
Half hog when available – $200-$300 depending on processing order
We are currently licensed to sell our products as pet food. All of our animals are treated humanely throughout their lifetimes and those whose ultimate job is to provide meat are harvested humanely as well. Because our products are harvested and processed on our farm and not in a USDA-inspected facility, we are required by law to label them “not for human consumption.” We are working toward Grade A certification for our cheese products.