The D&C: Aimee’s Story

They said a D&C was the best option at this gestational age. They said at 11 weeks the risk of bleeding with a natural miscarriage, or one induced by misoprostal, was high. They were especially concerned about bleeding at home because I had been on Lovanox shots again this pregnancy. They said going through labor … Continue reading The D&C: Aimee’s Story


I Am Shaken: Aimee’s Story

"Aw, she's sleeping." "Wait, is there a heartbeat?" "Noooo, not again!" I uttered all this within about five seconds on December 22 as I lay in the ultrasound room, anxious to see the healthy, growing baby we had seen on screen three weeks earlier. She should have been 13 weeks, but her lifeless measurements showed … Continue reading I Am Shaken: Aimee’s Story